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Fashion Nova

‘‘Twas The Evening On Tuesday

Brrr, peeps, it’s cold and windy outside. This means that it’s time to stay warm and cozy sipping on the good ole’ hot chocolate. Mmm, mmm good. The 25th is just a few short days away. I still am in shock that the year is coming to a close. Let’s enjoy the rest of 2017 while we can.


Spread The Chocolate Spirit

Time to get in the festive spirit with these marvelous treats. It’s the holiday time, which means that the food goodies are in!

Trader Joe’s carries these mouthwatering delights. I️ saw, I️ was thinking 🤔 who am I️ kidding, I️ wasn’t thinking, because I️ snatched these off the shelf. And since they were the last one, no hesitation there.

Chocolatey, drizzled with peppermint bits. Mmm, mmm, goooood.

Fall Laze For Dayz

You know Fall is here when…dun, dun, dun the leaves fall 🍁 and bursting with vibrant colors.

Just appreciating the fall foliage one day at a time. jumping up and down on a pile of leaves brings out the big kid and tossing them up in the air and watching them fly up and then back down. That’s nature at one of its finest 👍🏻


🌾🌿 crisp Fall day