Get Spade ♠️

From the lady herself – Kate Spade ♦️

Her quotes are just plain fun, girly, whimsy but not flimsy 😋

Definitely handy dandy little reminders on the daily.

And, of course HAPPY MONDAY!

Think – Let’s think before we speak

Travel – Life’s too short to not. Do it while you’re able to

Celebrate – Everyday and little moments too

Charm – You acquire that by going to “charm school” actually just be kind to one another and that will get you far

Decorate – Have fun with your belongings and as Kate says “live colorfully” maybe stand out in a crowd by wearing those bright colored pants, shoes or handbags. In the home – just have good ole’ plain fun and don’t be afraid of color. What ever makes you happy and confident, don’t second guess.

Dress – As the saying goes “dress to impress.” I’m going to say, “dress to impress yourself.”

Live – Be happy, don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t hold back and take care of yourself each and everyday


The Quote Corner

Happy Saturday lads and lassies! Here are some quotes a plenty on this sunny day! Make today and everyday a little brighter 🌟

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

‘‘Twas The Evening On Tuesday

Brrr, peeps, it’s cold and windy outside. This means that it’s time to stay warm and cozy sipping on the good ole’ hot chocolate. Mmm, mmm good. The 25th is just a few short days away. I still am in shock that the year is coming to a close. Let’s enjoy the rest of 2017 while we can.


Spread The Chocolate Spirit

Time to get in the festive spirit with these marvelous treats. It’s the holiday time, which means that the food goodies are in!

Trader Joe’s carries these mouthwatering delights. I️ saw, I️ was thinking 🤔 who am I️ kidding, I️ wasn’t thinking, because I️ snatched these off the shelf. And since they were the last one, no hesitation there.

Chocolatey, drizzled with peppermint bits. Mmm, mmm, goooood.