Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice 🎃🍂🥧

It’s almost October! Well, that went by very quickly. All in all, happy first day of Fall! 🍁

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, feeling cozy, watching movies 🎥 are just a few to list that are super duper fun to look forward to when the colder weather approaches. Right now, it’s sunny 😎 and bright which is such a delight.

A Medley Of Enjoyment

Happy Sunday!

Yes, why yes it is!
This is a collage I made a few days ago. (Picstitch) I like the entertaining, fun, and whimsy aesthetic that collages can bring. If you want to get creative, you can find some pictures and/or even phrases that spike an interest, and print them out and put them on a mirror, in a picture frame and so forth.

When you run out of work, chores, feeding the horse, dog, the unexpected guest that came to dinner, (you gotta feed them, right? Eh, maybe, the The Marc Brothers, Rue Maclanahan, Laurel and Hardy, etc. to do; why not give it a whirl. You might enjoy the artsy project and get down with your creative side!

An Encouraging Message 📝

Happy Friday!

This is for anyone that needs a “pick me up.”

I hope you all are having a good day, evening, morning wherever you are in the world 🌎

Sometimes, we tend to focus on things, situations that go wrong or are going wrong in our daily lives. But, what I want to mention, is to try to focus on the things going right in our lives. There will always be “something.” If you look for the negative, you will find it. But, if you look for the positive, you will find that too! And we all want to find that, don’t we?!

2020 has been a whirlwind of events. For sure. But if you think about it on a larger scale – waking up each day (that’s not promised), food on our tables, being healthy. You know, things on that note. Those are positive things to redirect our focus on. It is what it is, basically in short. So we can decide to have that mindset and try to do the best we can and look for the positive, or we can be a Debbie downer and think about the things that aren’t going right.

I know sometimes it feels like we’re in a “horror” movie and when the hell are we going to wake up from it? That’s a good question. The answer is unknown, but we need to still truck along and enjoy each and every moment to our best abilities!

“You’re old, you’re saggy, get over it.” – Sophia from The Golden Girls (I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote, but it’s similar)

If it’s not one thing, it will be another. That is a lesson I’ve learned and experienced personally. I don’t do well with change, but, that’s sometimes out of our control.

P.S. All this stuff going on right now seems like a blur, but we will get through it. Things in life are temporary. And that’s something that we need and should remind ourselves.

I hope this helps put some things into perspective. I know it’s hard and it’s a struggle. But, we can do it!

Sending Over Encouragement

We all need motivation, encouragement and hope amongst other positive thoughts. Since there’s lots of gloom and doom and negativity and hatred going on, I’m here to say that everything is going to be ok! There’s hope in everything! The best thing to remember and keep In mind is that all the crap that’s going on is TEMPORARY. It seems like a blur; but we all can and will get through this just like everything else that comes our way. Plus, life hits us at curveballs and we need to appreciate everyday and try not to take things for granted. And people tend to focus on what’s wrong, but we need to focus on good things too. I hope this helps.

Summer Breeze

Here’s a little humor for your day! Having those nice 😎 sunny days and just soaking up the sun, sitting in your beach chair 🏖 🪑 or having your caboose on the sand is the golden ticket. it’s so relaxing watching the waves and inhaling the fresh air. 🐠🌈

Four Is A Charm

Here’s a little quad of Flora. Playing around with filters is fin especially when this feline doesn’t know that I’m playing around with her picture. These little furry felines make the best companions; especially during tough times.

The Flora Lair

Happy Monday! Is she working hard or hardly working? Hmmm 🤔

Annnd, if you own a pet; do you wonder what your pet is thinking, or would you rather have that remain a mystery?

The Uni Color Wheel

I hope y’all are keeping yourselves sane and healthy and happy with this chaos running amuck! So here’s some pink things for you to look at. Credit goes out to my friend Que-Anh for recommending all things pink for the win! Or in fact, any color of your choosing 😀

Happy Thursday! aka Friday Eve.

A Note From The Advisor

Be silly – life is too short to be serious. Laugh it up. Plus that helps your immune system

Be honest – honesty is key. When you’re not being honest with others, you’re not being honest with yourself.

Be kind – you never know what someone is going through. Kindness goes a long way! We’re all trying to plug through at life as best as we can. Be a good human!