Perfume Isle

Perfume Isle

La Perla eau de perfume
$120 –

Marc Jacobs fragrance

Versace flower perfume
$100 –

Eau de perfume

Parfum fragrance




The other day, I went shopping with the parents and the sister, and we went to a store and came across this brand browsing around the store David M. Brian.

I’ve never heard of this brand. Only the dessert of mud pie. Although, I’m not sure how mud would taste 😂 

They have such fancy decor items for your kitchen to spice that dull space out.

These are just tres (3) items that stood out in the store from this brand. The knobs – the glamourosity (I’m not sure if this is a word, haha) and vintage-esk is so appealing. You can also find these items on Yayyy 😍

P.S. Happy Wednesday aka humpday 🐪 

Holiday In The Heat 

A hip, hap and happenin’ Saturday! It’s hot right now and Flora and I are trying to beat the heat by having the fan blow.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday and holiday weekend! Yayyyy 😀

Passages Of Mon-Sun

I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing weekend! It always seems to just fly right on by. Ziiiiip, it’s over until next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy this picture of Lucy 😀 

Have you guys watched I Love Lucy? Great classic show. 

Articles Of Style

Articles Of Style

Taffy Anyone?! 🍬🍭

Candy 🍭  candy 🍭 and more candy. Not to mention this little clear jar from Target to hold such delicious 😋 food, junk, candy, crapola etc. The good thing about this jar, is that if you drop it, it won’t break. So, basically, if you’re a little clumsy, not to worry,  this jar has got you covered! Yayyy for that. Candy for everyone 🍬🍭🍬🍭