But First, It’s Saturday

Holiday weekend coming right up!


enjoy today and the weekend!! And time to get prepared for the turkeys and chocolates 🍫 🤩


Shoe Capades 

Time for cold weather. You know what that means ya’ll?! That means it’s time for boots! 👢 As I was doing nothing; standing, twiddling my thumbs standing doing nothing, I decided to snap a picture of my feet. And voila.

And as you see, it’s a wedge which makes it much easier to balance and not look drunk 😵 

Where are they from you ask? They’re from Tjmaxx. You can score some terrific deals there, two hands down and two thumbs up 👍🏻 👍🏻

And, of course, HAPPY WEDNESDAY all!! 😎

If You’re Superstitious…

It’s finally Friday! And does that mean it’s also time for fries? 🍟 yesss. October is already passing by too quickly. The holiday time is rapidly approaching. Time to let the pumpkin 🎃 time begin. Are we ready for the holiday madness to start? 😜 

Whatever your weekend plans are, make sure to enjoy yourselves!! 😍

Haute And Trendy

Is your ensemble on trend? Here are some current fashion forward Fall 2017.

Top 10 trends: {source according to Polyvore}

What’s your favorite trend for this season? Is it one of these 10 from above or do you have another trend you enjoy? 🙂