Lipped Out 💄

Alrighty folks, we like to pamper our lips 👄 right? Right! We can appreciate pretty and elegant packaging, right? Right!

This is the Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine. This one is in Nude Venus. As I look at the Sephora website, there are 6 other shades plus this one above 👆🏻 that’s a whoppin’ 7 color shades. Ranging from pinks, a berry color, nudes and a red. I chose this particular one, because it’s wearable and I can wear it on the daily. The price point is $36.00. I can admire the metallic pink tube with the gold lips encrusted on it. How purrrrty!

P.S. happy sundae 🍦

I’ve Got That Friday Vibe

Happy feline Fries 🍟 day!

In regards to makeup, since many makeup lovers like the Fentons brand; a good dupe that I recommend, is Maybelline Lifter. It almost looks identical, and you aren’t out a lot of money. the Maybelline is about $7.00 at the drugstore, Target, Amazon, etc. and the Fenty of one you can get at Sephora is $19.00.

Feeling Refreshed

Happy Tuesday and happy August!

Time to get hydrated with this fruity watermelon 🍉 mist from Trader Joe’s. It’s a light and vibrant scent that will make you feel rejuvenated with a few spritzes. It’s the perfect little bottle to take with you on those long walks, hikes and on even on those unbearable heatwave days ☀️

After spraying, you’re sure to go, “ahh, it feels so good!”