Wrapped Around

As you peeps may know that I like my acrylic furniture and accessories. So, I found this affordable paper towel holder at Target.

It’s good for those with small counter space like me. Have your paper towels stand out and you will have easy access for those grimy messes.

Balmy Balm

Lip balm and lip butter is a must have for those dry lips. Especially the dry months can make our lips chapped. It’s around the $12.00 mark from Sephora. Kind of a lot for a lipbalm, but it works well. 

I tried this Korres lip butter in Jasmine and it’s definitely soft on the lips. Not cakey. Lovely for the lips.

Let It Hold

If you’re short on space for your jewelry, acrylic is the way to go.

Stash your necklaces on this spinning contraption from The Container Store. You can twirl and spin this holder to find the perfect necklace. It’s only about $9.00. Not too shabby when you’re on a budget and want your jewels to hang prettily. Hmm, is that a word? Or should it be pretty?