Spruce Up The Trends

Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2019.

1. Heavy hoops – be careful with this one and not rip your ear off. But, if you do, at least you have another one πŸ˜€

2. Extraordinary enamel – unique and vibrant colors that make a statement.

3. Linked in – sounds like the website LinkedIn, but, it has a different meaning.

4. Spare change – gold encrusted coins for jewelry

5. Lucky charms – little baubles and bits

6. Starry night – you want the look of going to space without having to actually go into NASA

7. Garden party – flowers are everywhere. Nature at its finest sprung in your ensemble

8. Body love – body chains, anklets. It’s like the crossbody bags.

9. Drip drops – loooong earrings

And there ya have it. That’s fashion for ya.

Works Of Art

Summer is coming upon us at a rapid pace. Whoa, slow down time. Different nail brands come out with their brights and fun colors for the sunny months/days. Go outside the box πŸ“¦ and try a color or multiple colors you wouldn’t normally try. That’s what I call nails for days.

Happy Saturday!




When Life Gives You Positive Vibes

Here’s a little jump irons quite for your enjoyment on this mundane Monday.

Times can and are tough. The one ☝️ thing to remember is to try not to give up. A lot easier said than done; I know. Do what feels right and makes you happy. If you don’t succeed or fulfill a goal, then pull yourself up and continue to be the strong human that you are!

When you feel stressed or down, take a break and come back when the time is right. See if that can make a difference πŸ˜€

The Vibrancy Of Blooms

To make everyone’s day be brighter; here are some exquisite flowers πŸ’ (when I take my little walks, I tend to take a little snapperoo of the colorful clusters.

Hope your week is a-ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ» and the weekend is quickly approaching. Time is flying by like an airplane on the runway.

Pleasantly Neutral

Tjmaxx has one of the best and affordable prices. For instance, this palette by Nicole Miller was about $5.99. What a bargain folks. A terrific basics everyday eyeshadow palette. Plus, the packaging I’m always a sucker for. The quality might not be “all there,” but it’s about the presentation. Right? Right πŸ˜€