Fried Friday

Happy TGIF guyyyys! Bright and sunny today – but not too hot ☀️👌🏻 have a fabulous weekend everyone!

{flower from my walk yesterday} I captured the momento 


Makeup Is Art

I definitely agree with this little quote. Us ladies, we gals and gents – can’t forget the males, hoard makeup. That’s how we roll! We keep our stash hidden or in random places on the vanity. Can a gal have enough makeup? Hmm, what do you guys and gals think? Makeup is a fun and creative outlet. Cake your face with all this goop and you’ll be ready to face the Ringling Bros. in no time. Makeup doesn’t disappoint – well, actually it can, but it’s so much fun to add color and pizazz to your face. Yayyy. Makeup or fakeup for the win!


Monday Aplenty

Happy Monday and back to the grind. Yesterday was super hot. I had my fan blaring in my face. It was delightful. Can we believe that it’s almost October in just a few short days?! Whoa there. 


You Guys And Gals

Heyyy peeps! It’s almost Friday. I can see the light 🌟

Wanted to show you all some ❤ and appreciation!! ❤️💖💜💟


Tantalizing Tuesday

Happy terrific Tuesday guysss! Thank goodness that today isn’t a scorcher. It sure was yesterday – whoa! I hope everyone had a lovely little day! 
As you can see, Flora had a tough day at the office :p she says hiiii to you all 🙂 


Chilly Weather Overlay

Chilly Weather Overlay

Marni coat
$1,350 –

RED Valentino fleece lined jacket
$310 –

Lipsy shawl collar coat
$125 –

Relaxfeel gray coat

Camel coat

Gizelle Renee cashmere glove
$150 –

PrAna loop scarve