Here are some cheerful blooms from my hike up the hill yesterday. While I walk, I enjoy the  gleaming flowers that surround the neighborhood. This is nature at its finest!


The Mascot

Nope, Flora didn’t change color. Hahaha. This is the neighborhood cat. She was just chilling on a random car, so I had to do my duties and say hello and snap a little picture of this little furball. I hope this makes you bloggers smile 🙂


Heyyyy guys! I’m sort of new to Snapchat, but if you’d like to connect outside of the WordPress world, feel free to follow me at 

Prettyinpink302 for some randomness 🙂 


Hello, Monday

Happy Monday –  back to the ole’ grind. The weekend just went by like a flash of lightening. Slow down weekend! Make today and everyday wonderful!!


#Champagne Anyone?!

Just add champagne. This fun and whimsy trinket is from Etsy that I purchased let’s see, maybe a year ago. I don’t quite remember. It’s so fun and a perfect little addition to a bar cart, kitchen, or anywhere you’d like! If you press the button, it’s silent, but there are some that you can get where you press the button and it makes a ringing sound. Pretty, pretty awesome. A lady named Lisa Golightly made mine and I couldn’t be happier with the result of this golden treasure 🙂


Stay Calm, It’s Saturday

The weekend has arrived!! Yayyy 🙂 time to go grocery shopping and fill the fridge with the goods. Have a good one ya’ll!


Tripled Color

Nail polish is so much fun. You can be creative with designs and such. So many color ranges and brands that you can just go amuck. Does that make sense? Haha 🙂 I just picked three random colors from my little collection.

First off, I have starting from the left side:

OPI –  Spoken from the Heart (Hello Kitty collection)

Butter London – Primrose Hill Picnic (very pretty magenta) makes me want to go to a picnic.

And lastly,

Essie – Topless and Barefoot

{the Essie one – Topless and Barefoot}