Passages Of Mon-Sun

I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing weekend! It always seems to just fly right on by. Ziiiiip, it’s over until next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy this picture of Lucy 😀 

Have you guys watched I Love Lucy? Great classic show. 


Articles Of Style

Articles Of Style

Taffy Anyone?! 🍬🍭

Candy 🍭  candy 🍭 and more candy. Not to mention this little clear jar from Target to hold such delicious 😋 food, junk, candy, crapola etc. The good thing about this jar, is that if you drop it, it won’t break. So, basically, if you’re a little clumsy, not to worry,  this jar has got you covered! Yayyy for that. Candy for everyone 🍬🍭🍬🍭

Home Is Where The Keys Are

Custom look for less, check  ✅ 

Thank you HomeGoods for this oh so modern and fun key and purse 👛 holder. Instead of just throwing my junk on the floor as I enter, I have this handy dandy rack to hold my shiny items. I was on the hunt searching and searching online for a rack to hold such things. And, voila! How much did it cost? I don’t remember, I took the tag off, but it wasn’t more than $100.00. Oh whoops, I meant, it wasn’t more than $10.00. Much better 👍🏻

{without keys and purse 👛}

{with keys 🔑 minus the purse 👛}

Dosage Of Cups

Dosage Of Cups

Unicorn mug

Sir Madam cat mug

Kate Spade tea mug
$21 –

Happy Jackson bar tool
$17 –

Bloomingville ceramic mug
$9.78 –

Here’ssssss August 

Happiest Tuesday! The July leaf 🍃 is done this year and has turned over to August. Welcome, welcome! You’re probably thinking, what July leaf? My response is, “I don’t know, that just came to mind.” 😀

August has knocked on the door. 

Time for some quotes