Sending Over Encouragement

We all need motivation, encouragement and hope amongst other positive thoughts. Since there’s lots of gloom and doom and negativity and hatred going on, I’m here to say that everything is going to be ok! There’s hope in everything! The best thing to remember and keep In mind is that all the crap that’s going on is TEMPORARY. It seems like a blur; but we all can and will get through this just like everything else that comes our way. Plus, life hits us at curveballs and we need to appreciate everyday and try not to take things for granted. And people tend to focus on what’s wrong, but we need to focus on good things too. I hope this helps.

Summer Breeze

Here’s a little humor for your day! Having those nice 😎 sunny days and just soaking up the sun, sitting in your beach chair 🏖 🪑 or having your caboose on the sand is the golden ticket. it’s so relaxing watching the waves and inhaling the fresh air. 🐠🌈

Four Is A Charm

Here’s a little quad of Flora. Playing around with filters is fin especially when this feline doesn’t know that I’m playing around with her picture. These little furry felines make the best companions; especially during tough times.