Shine Bright

Inspiration of the day…drumroll 🤩

Just remember each and everyone of you is capable of endless possibilities. (I hope that makes sense) 😀

Shine each and everyday with your work ethic, attitude and smiles. A positive attitude goes a very long way. Sooooo, when a person, an individual, a human whatever and whomever it may be tells you something of a negative sort, don’t let that outshine you because you have the power! Oh yes, the power of many things.

Life is short, be the best possible you guys and gals. ⭐️

Be kind to yourself and others which will lead you on the road to happiness and self fulfillment.

Shoe Capades 

Time for cold weather. You know what that means ya’ll?! That means it’s time for boots! 👢 As I was doing nothing; standing, twiddling my thumbs standing doing nothing, I decided to snap a picture of my feet. And voila.

And as you see, it’s a wedge which makes it much easier to balance and not look drunk 😵 

Where are they from you ask? They’re from Tjmaxx. You can score some terrific deals there, two hands down and two thumbs up 👍🏻 👍🏻

And, of course, HAPPY WEDNESDAY all!! 😎