The Stylish Tini

Ok folks, this is my crystallized martini glass. I kid, I kid. It’s from H&M Home. I love that store. You can put so many fun items inside. 

It’s so functional. Instead of using an item for what it says it’s supposed to be for, you can use your imagination. Your creative imagination and what whatever crap you want inside and make it your very own!

You Go In, And Then You Go Out

Yup! That’s correct. I could go for In and Out anytime and any day of the week. I’ll order, a burger, fries and a vanilla milkshake. I can’t get enough of this fast food chain. I didn’t know until recently, that they have a “secret menu.” Well I’ll be!

The Timeless Lip Combination

One of my favorite lip combinations I wear on the daily would have to be NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie and MAC Hue. They’re very wearable light shades. The NYX gloss has a light hint of pink, and the MAC one is more on the nude side. The colors together add a subtle tint of color, which is great on those workdays where I want my lips to be more on the natural side.

{NYX Vanilla Cream Pie}

{MAC Hue}

Thrive For Popsicles

Since it’s actually still quite warm at night here, I decided to snack on a tasty and refreshing treat. 

These sticks are so refreshing, it will make you go back for a second or third one.