Arm Candy Details

One perk about accessories is that there’s not really a wrong or right way how to wear jewelry. Wear as many or as few amount of jewels and gems as you wish. 

It’s probably not the best picture, but here are three bracelets I got from Forever21. (I think) one is a black fabric one with little jewels, the second is a twisted gold, and the third is a fabric big bow. I feel fancy when I wear these! Yayyy πŸ˜€



Bags case

Beauty product

Beauty product

Eyeshadow brush
$15 –

Bdellium Tools angled makeup brush

The Golden Statue

Calling all those writers. Tired and bored of the same writing utensils? Look no further. This golden pen will make you feel like your dreams are coming true. Maybe? This parfum pen is $12.95 at the oh so chic ZGallerie. Even if you don’t end up using it, it’s still really quite lovely just to leave on your desk for decor. This pen makes handwriting fun. Yayy for a functional pen.

Mr. Right Now

Come one, come all Two Faced lovers. First, this brand is so awesome that it’s cruelty free and  undoubtedly one of the most girly/feminine makeup brands.

{Mr. Right}

As Jerrod says, “change your status from single to in a relationship with this brush.” (Or at least something across those lines, haha. This brush is so fabulous and not to mention the little bow or the little bow tie πŸŽ€  ($36.00 from Sephora) it’s supposed to be a powder brush and/or a universal do-it-all brush. Sounds great! Brushes can be so expensive. But, when a product so fascinating like this one catches your eye, look no further.

Back To The EssentialsΒ 

The question of the day when we want to bring all our makeup with us or at least the essentials with us; what do we put it in? A cosmetic bag of course. 

This is a medium size purple pouch that stores a lot of products. It might be too big to carry with you at all times, but a good travel size one. The cool idea is that it’s versatile and you can use it as a clutch πŸ‘› 

Kissable πŸ‘„Β 

Happy Monday guys! I’m sharing a few lippies that I’ve been enjoying lately. First is, 

BUXOM – White Russian

This is an iconic gloss and I really like the frosted tube. It’s more of a clear gloss with a tint and a hint of color. The perfect nude pink gloss that has a plumping effect. It retails for $20.00 at Sephora. Perfect to top off a lipstick or just wear alone. Put some on and you’re good to go.

MAC – Peach Blossom 

I recently purchased this lipstick from MAC. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a peachy type shade, but this is a very neutral everyday, wearable color. MAC lipsticks can retail for about $16 or $17.00. It’s just a nice pinky peach nude. You can even wear this and use the Buxom as a topper. 

Too Faced – Naked Dolly

Let me just say that Too Faced is by far one of my favorite makeup brands. Their packaging is always on point and is so intriguing and girly and just so feminine. Ahhh, I love it.

This lipstick retails for $22.00 at Sephora and the Too Faced website. It’s a creamy formula, hence that it is a La Creme. Ooh la la πŸ©πŸ’„ the website refers to this as a satin pink and who can stay away from anything satin?! So luxurious. The gold tube that the lipstick comes in, is just divine. Magnifico πŸ‘πŸ» it’s a very pretty pinky nude color that I think is universally flattering. Although, I’m actually not sure. But, if you top it with a gloss if it’s too light, then I’m sure you would look super! You go Too Faced!!

A New Lust

Heyyy guys! Happy Tuesday! I was just browsing online like I typically do and came across this chic looking book 😍 you get to see the vision and dreams that inspired these artists for Vogue. With an abundance of fashion illustrations galore. If you love and adore fashion and Vogue like I do, then I would recommend checking out for a coffee table book to add to any sort of book collection πŸ™‚ Also, with fashion books and/or any type of book(s) can be pretty pricey, so definitely make sure that whenever you purchase, it’s something you’ll get use out of and have for a long while.