To Scent Or To Not Scent

The Fall breeze is among us and while our hands 🙌🏻 are dry, lotions and hand creams are essential. There’s so many to choose from and at various price points.

There’s scented, unscented, thick, creamy, thin and the list continues. The neat thing about these kinds of gift sets, is that you can try out several and choose one that best suits you and your needs. If you shop online and you’re not sure what scent you like, you can try looking at the description to see what are the notes that are infused. Happy shopping 🛍 🛒

But First, Thanksgiving

The colder months are here: time to bundle up and get cozy.

Get your scarves 🧣 coats 🧥 and warm snuggly clothes ready. Food retailers; such as Starbucks and other retailers now have their holiday drinks available, I believe

It’s Mr. Snowman ⛄️

What’s your favorite season?