Money TalkΒ 

I just purchased this golden ticket gem at Zgallerie yesterday. This isn’t now since I just placed the order yesterday. But you all can see a sneak peek what it looks like πŸ™‚

It’s a gold plated money bank! How cool and what a creative way to store your moolah rather than the typical “piggy” bank.

Colorpop Jellys

This is my glass candy dish I purchased from HomeGoods last year and decided to put some sour Gimbals jelly beans in it. 


I was debating where to put this. But, it’s nice to have when you or someone else want a little treat! 

All Polished Up

Ahh, when I saw his color by Essie, I thought it was the prettiest, or at least one of the prettiest shades for Summer!

It’s Essie Super Bossa Nova. It’s like a pink magenta chrome. Or at least it looks like it. The pop of color. Give yourself a mani/pedi, and you’re all put together!


Simple shirts are a must. But, a shirt that has a dip and some “peek a boo” in the back is unexpected.


These can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the shoes and bottoms you pair with it. Classy, edgy and sexy!

Candy Club


Who wants some blue cotton candy flavored taffy? This stuff really actually tastes like cotton candy. So delicious! I placed it in my hobnail, and am going to put this in my bar/beverage cart. I already ate a bunch of these taffys. No surprise there.