Blank Slate πŸ“±

I came across some jovial phone wallpaper. Pinterest has some colorful and vibrant backgrounds for el phone. You can change it up anytime and anyplace to your liking. You can look πŸ‘€ up interests you may have and get some useful ideas πŸ’‘ and have an “ah ha” moment and then – poof, you have some runners up for your phone. And one of the best parts is that this process is freeeee. Research, eliminate and save to your phone.

Shiny Talk On The Lips

Buxom lipglosses have to be one of the best formulas in the lipgloss market. It’s nice when there’s options; such as the minis aka the littles for travel or to keep in your purse πŸ‘› Then, there’s the big honchos for your vanity. Get the smell-o gram of mint and to top it off, it doesn’t tingle. How about that for a lip plumper y’all?!

Below is the gloss in Kristen. Suitable for everyday use.

Swatch on el hand πŸ–πŸ»