Tulle Tuesday

I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and was able to get your sleep on! Zzzzz 😀 Happy Tuesday!


The World Of Shadow

I recently purchased the Naked 2 Basics palette. Recently, meaning about a month ago. 

{Google images}

{Google images}

I wanted this one because as much as I really enjoy the Naked 3, I wanted a smaller compact one. I’m more of a neutral gal rather than a pop of color for shadow. Wearable/everyday? Yes please! I did notice some fall out, but not as much as the regular palettes. The taupe shades are a yes – go. These seem more matte – which I like. Yayyyy! It retails for about $30.00 buckeroos at Sephora. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all folkers. A+ in my makeup book 👍🏻

Shoe Town

Here’s a few quotes for the shoe addict, or just the addict. Oh and of course happppy Tuesday guys! I was going to say Thursday. Whoopsie.

A new pair of shoes makes us feel bold and kick ass!! Right on shoes 👠👠 Say you don’t have made to protect yourselves – just add heels and let them do the dirty work. Hi-yah! 😀

The Polished Effect

Nail polish, nail polish, nail polish. Am I home? Ha get it from The Wizard of Oz hahaha I just painted my nailsees last night (one sloppy coat) of OPI Alpine Snow

And yes, that is cat hair (the strand)

I don’t think I ever wore white polish unless it was a French manicure. Qui qui. I really like this color. Definitely very “fresh” for Spring and Summer. This color would look really good with a tan and no tan 🙂 I feel like white is such a classic polish color that can be worn all year round. Yayyyyy for polishes!

Magazine Shelfie

A few magazines I enjoy reading on the daily – or whenever I get them in the mail. Let’s see, there is Zgallerie, CB2 and Allure. Now Allure is the only one I can read and keep up to date with fashions and tips. The others, I just admire and get ideas from the pictures. Or if I’m feeling lucky and it’s payday, I might get one, or two or three decor pieces.