Tennis Shoes Are Made For Walking

As you may know, or not know, I take walks to my parents twice a week. Sometimes once a week when I’m feeling lazy. About a month ago, I purchased these stylish Nike shoes from Nordstrom. So comfy, and so pink!



Happy Moment

This is an oldie but goodie picture (maybe around last year) I have posted on my Instagram. So I thought I would share with you. Flora hasn’t aged, but her staff has :p Aren’t we just a happy bunch?!


Washed Out Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! Halfway through the week already. Can we do it? Why yes we can!



Framed Quote

This is my little pink picture frame I got from HomeGoods a few weeks ago. I spotted it in a corner and said, “mine!” 

I love anything quoted/inspirational to own and have around the house. Sends positive vibes to me and Flora. It’s a good reminder to enjoy the day!


Oompa Loompa Dog

If you enjoyed the movie Willy Wonka, then you’ll love this little pooch all dressed up. 

Definitely early for Halloween!


Tucked Away Tuesday

I hear Tuesday bells today. That means that we succeeded getting through Monday. That’s great news.



Fun With An App

I made this little cartoon-esc character of myself. The picture is me, but the other parts are not. It’s from an app called YouCam Perfect. It’s really fun and a creative way to have fun with your pictures! There’s different scenery/backgrounds, colors, etc.