So Flat

Some people enjoy wearing heels more than flats, but I prefer to wear flats on an everyday basis. They’re more practical, but they don’t give the support for your feet. I love flats from colored, to studded, to even peep toe flats. Ballet flats are classic and dainty!

Oily Skin

This is a must have for oily skin! I have oily skin and these little sheets come in handy. Throw them on your bag and/or makeup bag, and you’re set. Once you see some shine on that pretty face of yours, blot it on your face, and watch the oil come right off instantly!

Cake On A Stick

These little dessert creations are a perfect holiday treat. You can add fun sprinkles for the holidays and choose whatever cake mix you want. Pinterest has good ideas and tips you can look at and choose from, or just create your own designs! I’ve tried one from Starbucks, and although they can be “doughy,” they’re still super duper delicious. And best yet, you won’t feel guilty having more than one!

Lippie Slippie Butter

Revlon Lip Butters made their first appearance a few years ago or a little longer, but their name suits them well. They are like butter and seem to apply on the lips smoothly. I really like all the color choices they launched and their creative names.