Toasty Roasty Thursday

Happy Thursday peeps!! Tomorrow is Friday, and then the three day weekend! Yayyyy Enjoy today 🙂


Glamour In The Boudoir 

Is it time to chicafy your vanity? With this glamorous mirror from Zgallerie, you can’t resist. Totaling to about $50.00 buckeroos. The detailing with the little baubles on the handle is definitely sophisticato and feminine. With a boring vanity, it wouldn’t be boring any longer. Just add this, and voila, luxurious! The silver chrome adds that flair that looks rich without looking “cheap.” 

The Lunch Express

Heyyyyhiii friends! Well, today was a retirement luncheon at work. We had Mediterannean food (or I think that’s what it was) I was nervous about the little gala, but the main thing is that I went and and showed respect to my Division and retiree. I can relax bo, phew 🙂 Do you guys like social gatherings and do they make you nervous? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 ahhh whoops, and happy Tuesday!!