Buying Happiness

Isn’t this true ladies?! 🙂 💅


Whistle While You Work

After work, I simply will (down below) 

My place looks like a monsoon struck. Crap everywhere. Fashion books, and some other nifty decor not put in its place. When I at least put one thing away, it will then conclude with a nap. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?!


Mmm, Mmm Good!


I concocted this scrumptious treat yesterday! Two m and m chocolate chip cookies along with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream in the middle. The perfect ice cream sandwich any day of the week! #breakfastlunchanddinner



Tangirific Tuesday

Happy Tuesday terrific friends! Yay for Monday being over.



Sense Of Finery

You want some fun ways to store your necklaces? Try using fun knobs to add a sense of flair.



These jewel like knobs are from Anthropologie. I think they were rather reasonable too. (Ignore the little stain on the bottom right. I just did that :))



Ready Pac Lettuce Leaves 

This salad by bistro bowl is one of my go to salads when I go to the grocery store. You’re probably thinking. What, a salad? Usually you post junk. Well, yes, why yes I do.

I always get the classic chicken Caesar salad. So delicious! Flora even likes to take a snifferoooo.


The Newest And Coolest

That would be pretty tough. Popping those tiny bubbles and annoying the employees. Ah, the life that would be. Popping bubble wrap is a great destresser. So it all plays a useful role.