Whistle While You Work

After work, I simply will (down below) 

My place looks like a monsoon struck. Crap everywhere. Fashion books, and some other nifty decor not put in its place. When I at least put one thing away, it will then conclude with a nap. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?!


Mmm, Mmm Good!


I concocted this scrumptious treat yesterday! Two m and m chocolate chip cookies along with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream in the middle. The perfect ice cream sandwich any day of the week! #breakfastlunchanddinner


Sense Of Finery

You want some fun ways to store your necklaces? Try using fun knobs to add a sense of flair.



These jewel like knobs are from Anthropologie. I think they were rather reasonable too. (Ignore the little stain on the bottom right. I just did that :))


Ready Pac Lettuce Leaves 

This salad by bistro bowl is one of my go to salads when I go to the grocery store. You’re probably thinking. What, a salad? Usually you post junk. Well, yes, why yes I do.

I always get the classic chicken Caesar salad. So delicious! Flora even likes to take a snifferoooo.

Summer Polish For Your Pleasure

I painted my nails last night with Essie Exotic Liras. Pretty cool name I must say! 

Keep in mind I did my nails late last night around 11:00, so they’re kind of sloppy and they kind of chipped a tad. It seems like a really nice raspberry color 🙂 you get the idea of what the color looks like (one coat)


Dark Varnish

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark has to be one of my all time favorite polishes for any season. It’s s deep purple/plum color that is absolutely a great color. It seems like it might be more of a Fall and Winter shade; but any day I will rock this color!