Fun Activities On A Saturday 

Today is the day where I’m on my way to Moraga for lunch.

China Moon Chinese food. Yum! Can’t wait. I might get the King Pao chicken. (I dish I usually get) 


It will be time to go shopping! HomeGoods, TJ Maxx. 


Weekend Daze

The birds are chirping, the feline is running around the room as if she’s running a marathon, and I’m relaxing in bed. Because it’s Saturday! 

Happy Saturday!

A Timeless Oldie

A mini musical radio-active jukebox. This was purchased a loooooong time ago. 

It’s so nostalgic. Its actually a little tape player. It’s a fun little trinket that goes back to about the 50’s. (Maybe other years too, not sure)  


A Candel For Your Abra

Anything that remotely has to do with candles, you can count me in’ candelabras are so Victorian and elegant. I don’t know. Those are two words I would use. Nice to add to a centerpiece on a kitchen table, shelf, or wherever is to your satisfaction. 


Life Is Like…


Reading Is Power

This book has intrigued me for a while. The author is the owner of Nasty Gal I presume.

Since it looks interesting, maybe I’ll get it for my book collection. What ya’ll think about this book?


First And Foremost, It’s Friday!

This is about right. The cats picture says it all. This is what I’ll be doing. Minus the beer. (I’d be holding water)

Happy, happy Friday! Why is it Friday? Says no one ever.