Fun Activities On A Saturday 

Today is the day where I’m on my way to Moraga for lunch.

China Moon Chinese food. Yum! Can’t wait. I might get the King Pao chicken. (I dish I usually get) 


It will be time to go shopping! HomeGoods, TJ Maxx. 

A Timeless Oldie

A mini musical radio-active jukebox. This was purchased a loooooong time ago. 

It’s so nostalgic. Its actually a little tape player. It’s a fun little trinket that goes back to about the 50’s. (Maybe other years too, not sure)  

A Candel For Your Abra

Anything that remotely has to do with candles, you can count me in’ candelabras are so Victorian and elegant. I don’t know. Those are two words I would use. Nice to add to a centerpiece on a kitchen table, shelf, or wherever is to your satisfaction. 

Reading Is Power

This book has intrigued me for a while. The author is the owner of Nasty Gal I presume.

Since it looks interesting, maybe I’ll get it for my book collection. What ya’ll think about this book?