Idiots For Sale

This is life’s lesson. Always try to remember that. I’m still learning from it. You’re in control of your own sanity and happiness. Don’t allow the opinions of others affect your confidence or happiness. Or if you know that people are judgemental, be aware of what you tell them. Be selective 🙂 Be kind to yourself and all around you. If they’re not kind back, you be the bigger person. 

Another Day, Another Dolla’ Monday

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend! I was a busy little bee cleaning like a mad scientist. So much to do, only 24 hours in a day. All work and no play. Or as I would say, all play and some work 🙂 happy Leap Day!! Be sure to do some leaping. 


Classy, Sassy Shoe

Don’t you just enjoy gifts that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself?! I’ve seen these types of shoes that hold beverages for quite some time, and luckily enough, I got this as a gift for the holidays. Such a creative little invention for a shoe to hold a drink. 


Model In A Bottle

Want to enhance your cheek bones?! With this luminescent complexion enhancer by Benefit, you can do so. Dot and blend on your cheek and brow bones, you’ll be dazzling for days. I actually just rediscovered this little bottle in my drawer and thought that I should use it. Definitely a favorite and I have been using it on the daily.