Shoe Capades 

Time for cold weather. You know what that means ya’ll?! That means it’s time for boots! 👢 As I was doing nothing; standing, twiddling my thumbs standing doing nothing, I decided to snap a picture of my feet. And voila.

And as you see, it’s a wedge which makes it much easier to balance and not look drunk 😵 

Where are they from you ask? They’re from Tjmaxx. You can score some terrific deals there, two hands down and two thumbs up 👍🏻 👍🏻

And, of course, HAPPY WEDNESDAY all!! 😎


If You’re Superstitious…

It’s finally Friday! And does that mean it’s also time for fries? 🍟 yesss. October is already passing by too quickly. The holiday time is rapidly approaching. Time to let the pumpkin 🎃 time begin. Are we ready for the holiday madness to start? 😜 

Whatever your weekend plans are, make sure to enjoy yourselves!! 😍

Haute And Trendy

Is your ensemble on trend? Here are some current fashion forward Fall 2017.

Top 10 trends: {source according to Polyvore}

What’s your favorite trend for this season? Is it one of these 10 from above or do you have another trend you enjoy? 🙂

Stylin’ With Ink

Some enjoy composition writing, some enjoy watching others write and yet, some just enjoy collecting fun utensils – pens and pencils to write with ✏️ 📓 the list can go further, but, here are a few wickedly  fun ones I have found in my searching journey called – the internet 💻 this just takes writing to a whole new level! Righty folks 😃

{The Boss Lady pen set} – notice the vibrant chic colors 👍🏻

Boss Lady Pen Set

{Kate Spade pencil set}

{Ted Baker Bow pen}

My little tidbit – In my opinion, amongst having these fabulous pens and pencils, how they are displayed  can be loads of fun and expand your creativity! 

Perfume Isle

Perfume Isle

La Perla eau de perfume
$120 –

Marc Jacobs fragrance

Versace flower perfume
$100 –

Eau de perfume

Parfum fragrance



The other day, I went shopping with the parents and the sister, and we went to a store and came across this brand browsing around the store David M. Brian.

I’ve never heard of this brand. Only the dessert of mud pie. Although, I’m not sure how mud would taste 😂 

They have such fancy decor items for your kitchen to spice that dull space out.

These are just tres (3) items that stood out in the store from this brand. The knobs – the glamourosity (I’m not sure if this is a word, haha) and vintage-esk is so appealing. You can also find these items on Yayyy 😍

P.S. Happy Wednesday aka humpday 🐪