The Entertaining Shoe

Heels 👠 go on your feet. You’re probably thinking, duh, of course they go on your feet. But, they also can be a main attraction for bottled beverages. So cool, right?! Now, if you’r not a wine drinker, you can substitute the shoe holder for lemonade, or those big bottled waters. 

{Google image}

{Google image}

{Red Carpet ready – lights, camera, heels 👠}

This is such a fun and whimsy concept, because it’s so unique and can show a adoration for heels while storing a beverage of your choice. 

{Google image}

{Google image}

It’s not just heels that partake in this, it can be jolly little elf shoes or shoe to display the refreshment of your choice. So many options, to be dazzled for days with shoes of many sorts. Alright peeps, let get this shoe party started! 👠👡👟🍾🍷


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