Acrylic Lux

What to do when you have a small living space? I’ve got an idea 💡 lightbulb time. Acrylic pieces are a good idea! Furniture, decor pieces, yes. Make way for Prince Ali. Umm, haha that song from Aladdin was in my head. 

{oooooh jars!}

{Google image}

Acrylic (lucite) makes any living space appear and give the illusion of a bigger space. Same way mirrors do too. 

{Google image}

If you have a teeny tiny space in your bathroom, look no further, these little jars can save the day! Put your tips, makeup samples, cotton swabs and whatever you wish in these little canisters. 

Now for acrylic furniture – that can be prettttty pricey. But for decor pieces, HomeGoods, TjMaxx and other stores can have these little gems at a reasonable price. Hallelujah to that! Shopping for this kind of stuff is the answer! Yayyy 😁

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