Oh Boy, Oh Joy

Having a gloomy day? These hearts are bound to cheer you up! 

{Google images}

They’re from the Oh Joy collection at Target. They come in this mint chip, Tiffany color. The gold trim? I’m yes!! And they come in this coral pink color with gold trim as well. $60.00 each. Kind of a lot for this stool, but totally worth it. 

{Google images}

Up close of the minty one. 

{Google images}

Ooh pink/coral never looked better. 

So fancy up your room, living room, etc. Time for a stylin’ ride. 

P.S. I think this collection is geared towards little kids — but, and another but, you can be a big kid and even a grown adult and still have fun with it!!! 

P.P.S. Happy Thursday almost Friday! Yesssss – and Happy Friday in the countries and states that it has already reached Friday!

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