Happy Friday peeps!

Two coveted mascaras I enjoy at the momento:

This mascara retails for about $23.00 at Sephora. I love the way it thickens and elongates my lashes. Magnifico πŸ‘ŒπŸ» It does tend to get a tad clumpy, but just load on the mascara and you’ll look like a train wreck in no time. Ah just kidding guys. You’ll look fab-u-lous!

Another mascara I lust, is the Benefit Roller Lash for $24.00 at Sephora. I just started using it and it really does have the curling effect! It’s like a lash miracle ✨

Sidenote: as you little lovelies know, you can find these fab mascaras at other retailers such as: Ulta, Macy’s, etc.

3 thoughts on “RealEyes

  1. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews of the Too Faced mascara. Everyone either totally loves it or hates it. I’ve heard mostly good about Roller Lash. Apparently Maybelline Lash Sensational is a dupe. I’ve tried that one and like it (after it’s dried out a bit as it’s initially a quite wet formula).

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