The Coffee Table Vignette 

Happy Friday peeps! Hope you’re enjoying this oh so lovely Fried-day 😄 

Now, onto decorating your chic coffee table. As you can see, I captured this picture on Pinterest to show ya’ll. It’s definitely fun to add your personal touches and sparks of interest into the table. It’s great that there’s no wrong or right way when it comes to designing and figuring out what you want to display. 

The best part is rearranging. (I do that) you have some items on the table for a month then decide to switch/change it up. The choice is yours!!! I know people change decor with the different seasons and holidays too. Decorating is and should be fun. Put your creativity to the test and decorate your coffee table 👍🏻 

P.S. It’s a fun way to learn about yourself too!


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