Happy Space Friendly Vibe

Lucite, lucite and more lucite. Yep guys, if you have a small space but like furniture, acrylic pieces are your friend! It’s funny, you wouldn’t think these clear pieces would be expensive; but in fact they can be pretty steep. (But not literally steep) πŸ˜€ I would recommend acrylic and mirrored furniture would be two best bets if you want the illusion of more space. The prices can vary depending on the store you choose. Good news is that these pieces are easy to clean. The only thing about mirrored furniture, is that it shows massive finger prints and a damn dust collector. A lot of furniture gets dust, but I feel as if these two types get the most. But, it’s worth it! Dust bunnies get evicted and time for a clean space. Most of my furniture and little pieces are mirrored and acrylic along with others such as lacquer, faux wood, etc. Let’s get decorating!!!

{courtesy of Pinterest}


6 thoughts on “Happy Space Friendly Vibe

  1. Lovely post, Leah! I have a profound love for acrylic furniture; especially the chairs. I must say that I was also incredibly surprised when I realised how expensive acrylic furniture is. πŸ˜€ haha xxx

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