A Happy Find

Hiiii guys and gals! I literally just woke up from a long nap. You’re probably thinking, who the hell cares, hahaha. That was my little side note. Now, I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday and ready for Wednesday! Yayyy

I recently picked up this little xoxo sign at HomeGoods. It’s goooood. Hahaha. I enjoy finding cute trinkets, but I never know where to put them. Dilemma of the day 😀 As my dad would say, “is that your biggest problem?” Hahaha To me, this sign just sets a happy vibe, a positive vibe, and a heeeeey girl vibe. Oh, I forgot, this retails for about $12.00 and I got it for $7.99 aka $8.00. What kind of shopper are you guys? If I see something, I’ll be like pointing to it, it’s mine. Do I need it, no. Do I want it, yessssss! 🙂


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