Shopping Is My Cardio

When decorating your cool shaggy pad, you want to consider some of the following:

Can I afford it?

Do I need it?

Is it a style/item that can carry on through different trends?


Just to name a few retail stores I enjoy shopping for decor pieces and superb finds:

Great selections and prices on all these stores. Every time I shop in these stores, I literally want to buy all the merchandise; but I know that’s obviously not logical with my salary. And it’s not logical. Hahaha duh ๐Ÿ™‚ These stores are equivalent to Sephora for makeup. Good lord, I can be in there for hours at a time. I’ll take one of this, and one of that. By the time I know it, I’ve already reached over $100.00. You ask yourself. “Is this worth it?” “Will I get my use out of this?” And so on. Don’t get my wrong, I still like shopping at pricier stores. But, when you’re on a budget, you can’t always purchase higher end products. But, hey, grab some chocolate cake, and everything will be alright!

What stores do you like to shop for, for decor pieces?

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