Typing Thursday

Heyyyy and a hoooo guys! Happy almost Friday aka Thursday 🙂 

When people feel like shit, they like to take it out on other peeps. I know because I’m guilty of it myself. But the thing to remember is that they’re in a foul or bad mood and just try to ignore it. Knowing people’s personality is key so you know when to not take things personally. Or just be like, ” well, I see you’re in a funk, you can just calm down and then when you’re in a “calm mood,” then we can have a conversation. An example, I like to remove myself from people that treat me with disrespect. It’s a deflection of them, not you.

Oh yes! This is also knowing one another’s personalities. Some people you just can’t joke around with because they just can’t handle a joke no matter what. Other people will play along and you all can joke together. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Think before you “spit” your words out because you never know how the other person can internalize it. Think who you’re saying things to and be sensitive to others feelings.


2 thoughts on “Typing Thursday

  1. The first quote seems to be very appropriate for my day…not always easy but if I tell myself that nothing someone does is personal (because it isn’t-people (re)act out of their internal conflict and it has nothing to do with you…

    great post 🙂

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