Happy Monday guyssss! I was going to say the weekend again, but, not yet. Too ahead of myself for this week. I hope you all had a good weekend and are having a fab Day!



Decor Books Are The Bees Knees

Collecting fashion and style books is a hobby of mine. I guess you can say it’s a passion. (Passion for fashion) coffee table books add so much delight to a “boring” table, shelf, etc. When people come over, they can skim through them and then that can strike up a conversation. Like, “oh wow, that Christian Dior had some elegant gowns.” And then go from there. A lot of the fashion books can be an inspiration if you’re wanting to redecorate and give you ideas. Maybe also something that you already own and you can work with it by emulating a picture.


This is a wall decal. I was going to say on my wall, but that would be redundant. It clings pretty to the wall when I open the door just to remind me that I believe in pink in case I forget. Wall decals are so much fun. Especially when you have plain walls. Jazz it up, spruce it up, make it your own!


Alrighty folks, it’s that time to take my walk. Up the hills my arse goes.




Top – Target

Cami – Forever21

Pants  (capri length) TJMaxx

Shoes – Nike Nordstrom