Blow Your Nose In S-t-y-l-e

We all need to blow our noses some of the time, most of the time, or even everyday. Betsey Johnson came out with these super cute girly ecclectic Kleenex boxes so we can feel extra pretty when we blow our blow horn. I love her style, because it’s girly with a twist. And that’s just a whole lotta fun. Packaging, packaging is what gets me each time. 



This little one above is great for on the go to keep in your purse. Your nose is running, what do you do? You pull one of these delightful tissues and just start blowing. Blow, blow, blow like a blow fish.   

I find these in the local grocery store. I stare, and I stare always contemplating if I should get one or pass. There you have it. That’s my little story of Kleenex. Happy blowing!

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