Apps For The Non Sap

Here’s a random post for ya’ll of some, not all, some of the apps I have and currently use on my phone.

   I love to listen to music when I’m just chilling in bed or I just want to dance and just rock to the music. It uses up a lot of the battery, but that’s why I keep my charger handy. I also listen to music on my tv too.

I go on Pinterest everyday for decor inspiration. Whether I’m moving my crap around and o need ideas where to put something; this is where I’ll gravitate.

  What can I say about Sephora? The danger zone for makeup. And you can keep track of your points and turn them in for decent, not so decent, or eh little products.

  I check my Instagram everyday. I repeat everyday. Yes, I’m addicted like a crack addict. It’s fun posting and scrolling through peeps and random grams.

  Etsy is a place I’ll stop by when I want like a handmade specialty pillow or some type of decor item that I can’t fine elsewhere. For instance, I got a Chanel tray (obviously fake) to put my little candles and such inside. 
The end! 😀


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