A Night Of Worry

Yesterday was quite a scare. I went to my parent’s house yesterday and brought Flora over. She was roaming around the house running up and down the stairs. I didn’t think anything of it. I was watching a movie and enjoyed watching her have lots of energy. All of a sudden, I didn’t hear her little bell. I was looking around the house and in small crevices to see if she was just sitting somewhere. I searched and searched, nowhere to be found. Crying and crying, where is she? I then got worried. I was thinking, “Did she accidentally get outside when doors were open?” I have no idea. I started panicking thinking that she could be long gone anywhere. Then my pops decided to look “under the house,” and there she was! I ran outside with relief and a big smile. My dad crawled under to see if he could grab her, but he couldn’t obtain her, so he said to open the inside cabinets where she first got in. He kept shaking food to intice her. And a few minutes later, lo and behold, she found her way. That just made my night that she was here and ok. I thought I lost her forever!

It just goes to show you how important little animals are!!


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