Store Your Jewelry 

Such stores such as Anthropology and specialty stores carry such intricate decor items such as these bowls. 

So colorful and so versatile. There are so many ideas you can create with such a little item. 

For instance, as a holder for your jewelry. Have your items standout and have them on display. I’ve seen Forever21 have their jewelry placed in clear type containers and think it’s a really good idea for storage.

Friday Lovelies

Here is some decor for your enjoyment! Pretty pink flowers along with a tea light holder from H and M Home. I love that store. Along with the regular H and M store, that’s one of my go to stores for home decor.

Eye Protector

When it’s sunny outside, be sure t wear your little sunnies to protect those eyeballs 👀

Whether you’re just taking a walk or wherever you may be that’s bright, always be sure to wear those glasses!

Fall Is Here! 🍂🍁

Since it’s already Fall, the colder days are now approaching us once again. The leaves are turning color. Yay for Fall Foliage.

   That means that it’s time to grab those dusty boots from our closet.

And, we can’t forget our friend the hot chocolate. Yummy!

Sitting cozy in front of the tv screen watching a lovely movie and just relaxing being all toasty.