Fragrance-d A-lister 

Don’t scented candles light up a room? Literally! Vanilla and fruity scents I gravitate towards. You open the lid of a candle, and boom! The room fills with delectable scents. So many well known brands are popular for their yummy scents. How about smelling a dessert scented candle without the calories?! Yes!!!!!



11 thoughts on “Fragrance-d A-lister 

  1. Fall scented candles are my favorite. Unfortunately I can’t do the fruity scents – I love how they smell, but I’m not sure I necessarily want my apartment to smell like fruit! 😛

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  2. I kind of have a problem when it comes to candles; I love them! My poor fiancé can’t stand them, but he tolerates them. These seem like they would smell delicious! I have a wax burner and currently have dark chocolate pecan brownie in there… it smells divine!

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