Small Wafers For Big Bites

Anything chocolatey, I will eat like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, I might have my limits with chocolate. Maybe not. 

And it’s even the 100 calorie pack, so you won’t feel guilty eating the whole bag in one sitting. That’s what I’m talking about. Yes!

Snazzy Jazzy Pens

we all enjoy writing, or some form of writing, right? Wrong? Right? Yes, right! So, with these colorful lovely little sayings on these utensils, it will make writing that much more fun. Also, it’s nice to jot little notes and appointments, deadlines, things like that down. 

You don’t even have to use them. They can be on display in one of those monogrammed mugs for appeal. They’re only $200.00. That’s a walk in the park, you know, pocket change. I’m  only kidding. They’re actually not expensive. They’re around $14.00 for 3 pens. Oh yes, plus the tax. Who can forget that? 

YSL Lipstick For Pretty Ladies

Creamy, subtle in color, and non sticky. Oooh oh, and very wearable. Can’t forget about that. That’s what I look for in a lipstick.

This by far, has to be in the top favorite lipsticks.  (In lingerie pink)

The prettiest shade of pink rose I would say.

On my closeup lips.

Cut It Out

I love cut out clothing. Just not over excessive cut outs where you look like you’ve been mauled by a large beast. Just tasteful of course.

You can dress the cut out shirts up or down. That’s the beauty of outfits. They’re versatile like paper dolls.

Work Lunch Gathering

Today at work, some of the employees put on a little taco luncheon. Hence, that’s why my title earlier was Taco Tuesday. I’m always so hesitant to go and participate in these social kind of hoorahs. A few coworkers asked me if I was going, and I said, “I haven’t decided yet.” 

Since I always get nervous about these kinds of situations, I kept thinking about it while I was doing my work on the first floor. I came back to the office and saw them setting up and asked if they wanted any help. They said, “yes, you can help by coming since you light up the room.” With that comment, I said happily, “yes, I’m coming!” Hooray. The end 👏